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PJ Cephas Corporation strives to attain absolute customer satisfaction by zero defects. Company is committed to cultivating a corporate culture assigning top priorities to customer care and quality control.

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With 30 years of experience in the janitorial and painting industries, PJ Cephas Corporation is one of the most established companies serving the greater Los Angeles Area. We service over 100 municipal, government and private sites throughout the greater Los Angeles area. And that number continues to grow!!

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Company Name

Company has been in the business as PJK Maintenance, Inc. since 1984. The recent change of our name to PJ Cephas Corporation reflects our business model. Reputation is one of the most important considerations when choosing the companies you partner with. Our reputation is that of a "solid" service company with an impressive client list and service record. That's why we chose the name "Cephas", an Aramaic meaning "Rock", to represent our company image. With a 30 year company history, our "solid" consistency and work ethic in the cleaning and painting industries speaks for itself.

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Happy Customers

The reason for our 30 years of success is that our customers love our services!! “Why?” you may ask. The answer is simple. We work hard to provide reliable, consistent, quality services. And we keep our customers happy by responding immediately to customer feedback and special needs.

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Customer Testimonial

"Prior to this time, I went through a lot of pain and hardship with many janitorial companies for 3 ½ years. PJK Maintenance has been the answer to all my janitorial problems.

PJK Maintenance has been the only janitorial company that I have worked with that takes the time every month to visit my facility or call me to see how his crew is doing. In addition, their quick response to all of our special needs, including painting, door/window repair, etc., has been invaluable.

I highly recommend PJK Maintenance to anyone looking for an honest, hardworking customer service janitorial company."

- Derrick Aiau, Darling International, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

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Happy Employees

We pride ourselves in having hard working, professionally trained cleaning and painting professionals who are detail oriented and take great pride in their work. And we reward our employees for a job well done.

Our employees are among the best in the industry because we provide solid team leadership and well established training programs and procedures.

As a result, our employee turnover is virtually negligible. And we find that our customers are far less concerned with security or consistency of work quality because our customers are dealing with the same trustworthy, cleaning supervisors and workers year after year, who are intimately familiar with their sites.

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Affordable Prices

With the rising cost of doing business in today's competitive business environment, finding affordable services that fit your budget is crucial. PJ Cephas does not "bait and switch" with "low ball" pricing, only to later increase the price or decrease services just months into the contract. We keep our prices reasonable and affordable right from the start. And we maintain our customers with the same consistent services.

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New Business

PJ Cephas Corporation has also recently expanded its offerings by adding a Materials Division. Our company now provides the best quality industrial material available on the market for both wholesale and retail customers.

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